Our video of the Vallée Blanche….

We’ve just finished producing a short video showing some of the skiing down the Vallée Blanche with a group of guests that stayed here in January…. Special thanks to Dave, Vanessa, Paul, Mark and Alan.

We skied the Classique route down the glacier with James, our guide – all 22 kms off-piste to arrive back in Chamonix town.

A great day’s skiing had by all!! It might take a few moments to load….

Read about the vallée blanche.

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One thought on “Our video of the Vallée Blanche….

  1. A fantastic day, harder than I remember it being when I last did it 16 years ago, but awesome and a privilege to have the opportunity to do something like this. For those that have never done it – do it; it is a challenge but no pain, no gain! You do need to be up to it, technically and physically but Helen and Leighton will advise. If they say no, then is for your own good, don’t be offended. If you do go, then you’ll be in no better hands than with James; he was excellent and really knew his mountain craft. A fantastic experience and if the video lulls you into thinking its flat and gentle; its not!!!!

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