New project launch….

As some of you may know, I spent a good part of 2002-2003 learning what it takes to be a life coach.

I was a pretty good coach.
But I really sucked at marketing my practise.

Back then, nobody in the UK knew what a life coach was.  You had to explain to everybody what a life coach did.
You had to overcome all kinds of horrible naffness that was associated with the term…

Anyhow, fast forward to today….

Nowadays, you can’t move on the tv without bumping into someone’s ‘personal shopper’ coach, or ‘real estate’ coach, or ‘doggie obedience-sit-up-and-beg’ coach.

So, although the term ‘coach’ is now as overused as a bad cliqué, at least a few more people have now heard of it!!

I believe the fundamental results and good that can be achieved in the world with a bit of help and support from a coach is just starting to filter down mainstream.   The universities are just starting to open up to the idea (they’ll probably call it a B.Sc in Applied Positive Psychology!), and pretty soon lots of companies will give their graduate trainees coaches as a matter of course, and management wouldn’t dream of accepting a position unless the company paid for their own executive coach.

People being more productive.
People leading happier, fitter, more fulfilling lives.
This is a GOOD thing, right!

So, I am back on LOADS of life coaching courses, studying hard, practising lots…
…and I need to find some poor people upon which to inflict my coaching.   LOL.

I have two pro-bono spots available at the moment….

So, naturally being me, I completely over-respond.
I took 72 hours without a lot of sleep and produce this: a whole platform where people can find coaches that do pro-bono work, or low-cost coaching.   A platform where people can post that they are interested in finding a pro-bono coach.

Kinda cool.

Here it is:

It isn’t just about free.
Lots of amazing people contribute and give back to the world.
Many fully qualified coaches hold a couple of pro-bono spots for clients who wouldn’t ordinarily be able to afford them.
So, this is how I can make the world just a little bit better : Some people find coaches, other people find clients.

Basically everyone wins.

Ok – so I am a little lonely up there with the only profile on the site at the moment.
However, I have faith…   and I don’t think I’ll be up there alone for long.

plus – I still have those two free spots if you are interested…  Fancy playing?
If so, get in touch:

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