Who’s hungry?

Look what arrived in front of me tonight!!

While Helen has me “mostly” banned from the kitchen –  [note: I was allowed up to create a batch of our milk and honey ice cream – and some delicious rosé and raspberry sorbet ]  – I experience the luxury of having my evening meal delivered to me!   Perfect!   It’s like being a guest in your own home! 

Anyway, this is what arrived for dessert tonight…
Looks like Tim and Helen are doing an excellent job!  The lemon tart was…  well… really tart..  and the sweetness of the red berries in raspberry jus complemented it perfectly!!

Sadly, my current medication modifies the taste of the alcohol –  so I had to give the lemoncello a miss…

Still – bonus points for presentation!  [ed. note: guest portions are larger…]

Shortlisted for the Times Chalet Chef Competition 2010!!!


Thanks to our previous guests voting for us and writing about us – we have been shortlisted as one of the six finalists in the Times Chalet Chef competition…. 

The competition looks seriously tough – chalet companies employing seasoned chefs who’ve worked for Michelin-starred restaurants, and Masterchef finalists… and us.   

Judging the competition is Michelin-starred chef, Tom Aikens, John Benbow who is the owner of the “Food at 52” cookery school, as well as food and drink editor Nick Wyke, online travel editor Steve Keenan,and skiing editor Mark Frary.

Daunted?  You betcha.
Excited? Absolutely.
Ready?  Not quite…  but we’re working hard on it.

We’ll keep you posted.

You can find details on the Times chalet chef competition here.

Wish us luck!

ps.  the snow is coming!! the snow is coming!!

Fresh snow on the 'pentes' from mid-station level approx 2100 metres!

Fresh snow on the 'pentes' from mid-station level approx 2100 metres!