Spot the lake competition….

In Winter, there was an incident where a trailer overturned near the Prarion lift, spilling 1000 litres of diesel fuel…

A lot of that fuel ended up poisoning the Lac du Chavants – the pretty fishing lake just near the Chavants climbing area, and local tennis courts.

Anyway… To avert ecological disaster (on a Les Houchian scale) the council have drained the lake.

So, it currently looks like this:

Where did all the water go?

Where did all the water go?

 Hopefully they will refill it and re-stock it before the summer season starts.

Les Houches have also finally released the calendar of events during the summer season:

Highlights include:
Fireworks and ball on the Tuesday 14th July (yes – word of our wedding has slipped out, and sadly the only day the whole town could celebrate it happens to fall on Bastille Day!)

ps.  It has been scorching here the last few days! 30° in the shade! 
Looks like it has broken though as thunderstorms today.

[editors note: the lake was re-filled in mid-June and is now back to normal!]

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