New promo video now on YouTube….

The ski season is well and truly over…  We are now back from our two week honeymoon (sailing around the Greek islands – bliss!).. and the season for concentrating on our on-going marketing efforts has begun… Oh, and all the updates/renovations/improvements we’ve been planning over the winter season for the chalet too….

Google has now launched its Caffeine update… which has large implications for web search… and consequently, video is featured much more prominently.  So… to celebrate that, we’ve produced a new short video showing the chalet and the views from the chalet…   It’s kinda cool, chilled, and relaxed…  just like us!! 🙂   Basically we want to be found at the top of the video section whenever someone googles, “chalet chamonix”!

You can view our Chamonix chalet video here.

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