Insane! Infinity tumble on a tandem paraglider!

I don’t often post about stuff that isn’t related to the chalet or our lives here in Chamonix valley… but occasionally I come across something that blows my mind just a little… and I thought I’d share – especially as it concerns one of my passions – paragliding!

The “Infinity” manouver is an acrobatic paragliding trick where the pilot literally loops the glider in the vertical axis…  The wing loops the loop… It is called the Infinity because the pilot can actually keep the glider doing it ad infinitum… or until he hits the ground – whichever happens first! 

It is THE most difficult and dangerous acro trick in paragliding…

So… a couple of guys decided they would have a go on a supped-up tandem!!  Way to go!  Of course – sponsered by Red Bull!  They’ve got wings!

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