Snow arrives in Chamonix – Chalet level!!!

Yay!!!   Snow falls!!

Perhaps adding confirmation to my weather prediction for an early start to Winter 2010/11, approximately 4 inches of snow fell overnight here in Chamonix — chalet level too….   The snow ploughs have been out and cleared the roads..

First snows arrive in Chamonix -- chalet level!!

I expect this snow will burn off  in the next few days as the ground has not frozen enough yet and it is forecast to be warm and sunny!!

Good!!  We still have a load of outside jobs to do before we are fully prepped for the Winter!

The Kandahar piste in Les Houches is already being prepped for this year’s World Ski Championship at the end of January though.  Apparently, they’ve laid something like 50-70 KILOMETRES of cable for the tv pictures!  On the Aillouds piste outside Maison Jaune chalet, Chamonix ski pisteurs have already checked all our snow cannons, and put up a lot of the signposts for the skiers….

At Maison Jaune, we’re getting quite excited about our new menus.   Between now and Christmas, we get to trial loads of new, exciting recipes…

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