Christmas trees and more snow…

Firstly, it has been snowing all day here in Chamonix valley.   Pretty much non stop. 

The few skiers that are out are enjoying off-piste conditions on the local blue run! 

Forget snow melts and Foehn winds.  There is more snow here now than we’ve seen in years!  Amazing. 
The snow plough cleared the chalet driveway this morning at 7:30 – and there is now almost 20 centimetres of fresh snow on it!!

Photo taken 15:20 this afternoon

Photo taken 15:20 this afternoon

We were a bit concerned that the local garden centre would sell out of Christmas trees in the next couple of days when most chalet owners get theirs.  So, Helen and I set out down the hill through Les Houches to fetch this year’s Christmas tree.    The roads are amazingly slippy – even with snow tyres. 

In the village, the snow ploughs are busy clearing the roads and pavements.  People are out shovelling their driveways.  It was surprisingly busy.

Having chosen a lovely 2 metre tree, we brought it home.  I love the smell of a fresh Christmas tree – that delicious pine smell lingering…  We got some Holly branches for decorations too. 

Christmas is coming!!

Christmas is coming!!

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