Recommended ski computer for iPhone: Ski Tracks

One of the loveliest things about the iPhone is the selection of applications that enhance it’s functionality.

Consequently I have tested a few ski computers, and have found one that I personally like and would recommend, called “Ski Tracks” which, I believe is truly amazing value at about 60 pence!

It is easy to use with lots of fantastic features, a great user interface, and loads of interesting information on your skiing….

– Maximum speed, maximum slope angle, distance you skied, vertical distance you skied…

– Plus, it can play your music whilst you ski..

– Keeps track of photos that you take on the slopes

– Tracks your progress on the mountain using the iPhone’s GPS (and allows you to play back your ski journey of the day with Google Maps)

– Enables you to share your ski tracks on Facebook

Ski Tracks: Ski computer

– You can name and view your data for the full day

Graphical display of speed and altitude

– or for each individual ski run…

Data details

All in all, I am most impressed by this app and would definitely recommend it to the gadget guru skier who wants some interesting stats on their skiing!

What’s missing? What would be nice would be some kind of automatic naming feature that recognised the names of each lift/run and names it accordingly…  Maybe the next version, heh?

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