Oops! Our second worst nightmare comes true…

We experienced one of our worst nightmares the other day: we discovered we’d taken a double booking.
We’re only human after all, and mistakes can happen.

Luckily we discovered it before we had two sets of guests arriving on the front door step. (that would be our worst nightmare!)

So the question is, how do we handle this nightmarish situation and still end up with two sets of satisfied guests?

Well…  It is actually quite simple, but hurts financially.
The people that booked first get to know nothing about it….

And the people that booked second get their money back together with a FREE ski holiday for their family later in the season!

I think they were happy with that!

Financial a big ouch for us, but it’s better than us losing our reputation!

Now there’s a long healthy look at our processes to ensure this never happens again….

ps. it looks like the snow will arrive on Thursday!!!

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