Seeking an Enthusiastic Assistant Chalet Host

As part of our never-ending commitment to providing our guests with an outstanding holiday experience, we have decided that we would like to expand our team to include a third full-time member for next Winter season.

Although we immediately offered this position to Tim, our nephew, who has provided fantastic service to the chalet and our guests for the past two years, he has made the, albeit we’d-like-to-think difficult, decision that now is the time to pursue his own path, goals and experiences.  Consequently, we thank him for ALL that he has contributed to the chalet for the past two years – and wish him all our very best in his future.  For those that know Tim – don’t worry – he is still staying in the valley – and we hope he will continue to play a major part in our lives….

However, this creates an opening for some dynamic individual to try to step into some very large shoes, create some amazing kirs, and play an active role in helping us manage the chalet.

So, if you know any wonderful individual who would be willing to work their butt off in exchange for meager wages and some fantastic skiing experiences, please point them in our direction!

For more details on the job, please look on our Chamonix Ski Jobs page.