Complimentary peak performance coaching for skiers…

As part of our ongoing mission to continually improve the value of staying at Maison Jaune, for this Winter we are proud to launch a new service: complimentary peak performance coaching for all our guests.

A HUGE part of skiing performance is your mental game.

It affects how you ski on a day to day basis.
It affects how you ski particular slopes.

Your inner game controls how you respond to falls, ice, moguls, steeps, carving, speed…
and that in turn affects how you enjoy skiing and the quality of the emotions you feel when you ski.

For most people this is haphazard.   You have good days and you have not so good days…

What if you were to discover how to make EVERY day a good day!
What if you were to discover how to ski your best every run!

Sounds pretty amazing, right?

As you may know, Leighton is both a life coach and author of the book, “Skiing without Fear” – which combines neurolinguistic programming techniques (NLP) and visualisation with skiing.  It’s aim is to enable you to step up your inner game and take control of your state whenever you ski.

This is key to being able to tap into your ability to perform at peak levels and truly ski at your best.

This Winter, we are offering a complimentary peak performance course to our guests.  Coupled to our ski orientation, Leighton will accompany you on the slopes and work on your inner game.   He will teach you some fantastic jedi-mind tricks to build your confidence ready for skiing, together with some powerful tools to enable you to control your current state of mind, so that you can perform at your peak whenever you wish.

Powerful stuff.

More details here: Peak performance NLP coaching for skiers


Powder off piste in Flégère.  Game on!

Powder off piste in Flégère. Game on!

My first book is finally published!!

I have finally published my first book, entitled “Skiing without Fear”.

It is an instruction manual on how to use neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and visualisation techniques to overcome fears surrounding skiing and learning to ski.  At 102 pages, it is quite a small book – but hopefully will be an influential book in the future.   My hope is that as many people that have read “Inner Skiing” read mine!

Skiing without Fear

I often wondered why noone had ever combined NLP and skiing because, to me, they seemed a natural fit as the mental aspects of the sport seem to hold back the most people – rather than the physical technique of how to ski.

… so I finally got around to doing the research – I read over 30 NLP books for this project which combined with my training as a life coach, and all the NLP stuff I’ve learnt since I first heard about NLP back in Australia in 1991!!

It is available on and – simply go here :  or search on “skiing without fear”.

“Skiing without Fear” website and eBook launched today!

After much webwork – much done whilst I was convalescing in Annecy hospital – the website and eBook for “Skiing without Fear – for beginners, intermediates, and experts ” were completed, tested and launched today…

Skiing without Fear - for beginners, intermediates and experts -

The book is a collection of NLP and visualisation exercises designed to help fearful skiers to overcome their fears, and more advanced skiers to build their confidence – even to be able to produce their peak performances whenever they wish.

Paperback coming soon….
Whilst the eBook launched today and is available for just $9.97 at the moment, the paperback edition will be available hopefully from the end of the month once we have received our ISBN numbers.

It will also be available to purchase from the “Skiing without Fear” website, and via

For more details on the book, read extracts, purchase the eBook – or join the Skiing without Fear forum, please visit: