Event of the year 2009…. Our wedding!

Saturday 11th July 2009.

We were so lucky!  The weather was simply perfect – not too hot, not too cold… slight breeze.  A few cumulus clouds floating around to keep the sun off…

Helen and I were joined in matrimony at the local town hall in Les Houches at 14:00…

The chalet was looking amazing..  All decked out with beautiful decorations…  The balconies full of purple and white petunias…  600 white “avalanche” (appropriate for the ski chalet!) roses on the decorative arch, and the floral decorations…  Another 400 white roses in the table decorations…  White and purple balloons strung down the steps with white tuile..

Just about all our friends and family made the trip over… From the UK, America, and Ireland..  Plus loads of our local friends from Les Houches and Chamonix – both English and French…  Wow!!  About 140 people all in all.  Thanks everyone!

Gary Bigham and the Crevasseholes provided the musical entertainment…  Superb group who played a number of sets both before and after the meal…  They play regularly at the MBC microbrewery bar in Chamonix – and we’ve known Gary and Matt for years!!  Thanks guys! 


For me, the day was truly special.  The best day of my life!  Helen looked absolutely stunning in her ivory silk wedding dress… I had a fantastic time….

Well…  See all the photos for yourself  here!!

Funny story – about three days before the wedding, I looked up and saw the local council about to trim the verge on the roadside near the chalet…  which would have destroyed ALL the ferns and greenery we were planning to use in the floral decorations!!  Quick as a flash, I ran up to the road (still carrying the lump hammer I was using at the time) and begged the man to stop..  Luckily he took pity (or thought best of it re: lump hammer) and gave us an hour or so where we frantically cut all the ferns and greenery for the flowers!! Close call!

[Ed. note: Helen’s gorgeous wedding dress and bolero was made by her sister, Sheila, of Dorset Wedding Dresses]