Ski in, ski out chalet in Chamonix Les Houches
Sleeps up to 10 - hot tub - sauna - log fire

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Mush, Mush..

Huskydalen run day and half-day excursions, trapper evenings, and even 2-5 day treks.

Under Christophe and Élisabeth's expert tuition, you will soon be in charge of your own sled and a team of Alaskan husky dogs, driving them along snow-covered forest tracks.

After a little tuition to explain how to make your dog-team stop and start, and strict instructions not to let go of the sled if it turns over (as the dogs would carry on without you!), you set out following the guide’s team.

Your huskies want to keep up with their doggy friends, so the next hour is a breathless scramble to keep the sled upright, trying to control the speed downhill, and most hanging on for dear life when you go around corners.

Going uphill is a little work as you have to help push the sled...

All fantastic fun though!

If you are a little scared of the responsibility for your own dog-team, you can always opt to sit in the sled, and let the guide do all the work!

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Ski Joëring

This activity is of Scandinavian origin and dates back over 2500 years.
Originally it was a simple form of transport used by the Lappish who harnessed reindeers.

Basically it is like an alpine version of waterskiing - Behind a horse, you are pulled along by a long set of reins whilst on skis!