Self-catered chalet in Chamonix Les Houches
Sleeps up to 10 - jacuzzi - 7m solar-heated pool - trampoline

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There are three rivers near Chamonix where you can do white-water river rafting.

  • L'Arve
  • Le Giffre near Samoens
  • Dora Baltea in Italy

Fed by the glaciers of Mont Blanc, the Arve is an easy but powerful river.
Consequently, it is ideal for a first-time rafting and a half day out with the family.

Le Giffre
We are sure you will enjoy this lively invigorating river - plus, if there is enough water, you should be able to pass through the fabulous Tines Gorges

Dora Baltea
Not for the faint of heart, or doggy-paddlers - this tumultuous river means business, and if it is adrenaline you are looking for, you will find it in abundance!

In May and June, the Dora is the most intense and powerful river in the Alps with the water high with snow melting from the mountains... Then, from July to September, the water levels are more moderate and the temperature is much warmer.

This river boasts turbulent waves, numerous stoppers and is sure to excite you! You must be 16 years and above!

Approximate Cost :
half day on the Arve/Giffre : €34
full day on the Dora Baltea : €130 (transport and picnic included)

Please note: we are not an agency for rafting or canyoning, and recommend you book directly with either Yellow Rafting,, or Evolution 2 who arrange lots of adventure activites in the Chamonix valley.



Canyoning is a new adrenaline-inspired water sport.

Pioneered in the 1990's, you follow the natural water course down the mountainside....

Basically it involves :

  • swimming through narrow rocky gorges
  • shooting the rapids
  • sliding down natural water slides
  • abseiling down sheer waterfalls
  • leaping off cliffs into the deep clear plunge pools below...

Sounds fun!!

Participants must be able to swim, and you wear padded wet-suits and helmets to protect yourself against the cold and bumps.

Approximate Cost :
introduction €45
half day €60
full day €95